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The CLIC workshop 2015 will be held on 26-30 January 2015 at CERN and will cover Accelerator as well as the Detector and Physics studies, with its present status and programme for the coming years.

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The CLIC accelerator collaboration has elected a new spokesperson.

Phil Burrows of the University of Oxford succeeds Roberto Corsini of CERN.

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CLIC Workshop 2015 - 26-30 January 2015, CERN


IPAC15 - 3-8 May 2015, Richmond, USA


IBIC15 - 13-17 September 2015, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


ICHEP15 - 28-29 September 2015, Istanbul, TURKEY


CERN Accelerator School "Accelerators for Medical Applications" - 26 May - 5 June 2015, Vösendorf, AUSTRIA





The CLIC WORKSHOP 2014 took place at CERN on 3-7 February 2014. A record participation of more than 300 scientists/students from the more than 70 collaborating institutes set the scene for a very busy and lively week. After completing the Conceptual Design Report (CDR) in 2012, and the European Strategy update in 2013, the discussions and presentations were refreshingly focused on the physics, technologies and scientific challenges for the next phase of the project.

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CLIC Workshop 2014 participants
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